was born in 1905 on the drawing board at the last minute to round out the first edition of “La Semaine de Suzette”. She reappeared in later issues because of her popularity with readers. 
Jacqueline Rivière first drew this small, innocent girl from Brittany who was full of good intentions and energy. The editor Maurice Languereau (aka Caumery) brought her back in 1913.
The principal artist who sketched this fascinating character was Emile Joseph Porphyre Pinchon. Always in step with time, Bécassine was an aviatrix, teacher, alpinist, and from 1921, the nanny for the popular Loulotte.
From 1913 Bécassine had her own series of animated books. Pinchon and Caumery worked together as illustrator and writer for 27 albums of which the first was called “l’Enfance de Bécassine” (Bécassine’s childhood). Today Hachette-Livre/Gautier-Languereau continues to republish the original albums and adapt the text to children of all ages.

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