Belgian Tapestry Items

Belgian tapestries are known worldwide for their intricate weaving and detailed designs.  We have captured this fine style with our beautiful reproductions of famous Flemish tapestry pattern designs. All of our Belgian tapestry items are made in Belgium by fine craftsman and imported directly.
Lady and the Unicorn Cushion Cover - Senses - Tree of Life, Taste, Touch, Sight,
Price: 45.0
Belgian Cushion Cover - Marquises & Dog by de Villeneuve
Price: 35.5
Belgian Cushion Cover by de Villeneuve
Price: 35.5
Price: 28.5
Price: 28.5
Belgian Tapestry Pillow Cover - Books and Trophy
Price: 28.0
Price: 28.75
Vintage Oceanliner Travel Cushion Cover
Price: 28.5
Cosmetic or Travel Bag - Tapestry
Price: 21.18
Coin Purse - Tapestry Paris Cafe and Millefleurs
Price: 19.65
Price: 35.0