French Cafe Glassware and Wine Accessories

...’We’ll always have Paris’

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French Monument Shaped Sugar Cubes
Price: 15.1
French Eiffel Tower Glass - Goblet
Price: 7.45
Price: 6.95
Price: 7.95
Price: 10.5
French Eiffel Tower Glass
Price: 7.45
French Eiffel Tower Glass - medium size
Price: 6.25
French Eiffel Tower Glass - small size
Price: 3.85
French Dragonfly Glass - Tumbler
Price: 6.63
French Water Glass - Fleur de Lis
Price: 7.95
French Eiffel Tower glass stemmed
Price: 8.97
Price: 5.9
Price: 6.4
Price: 4.89
Price: 1.5
Price: 4.38
Vintate Advertising Drink Coasters from France
Price: 10.5
Price: 10.5
Vintage Travel Coasters from France
Price: 10.5
Chocolat Drink Coasters from France
Price: 10.5