French Soap

French milled soaps from Provence - for centuries one of the most prestigious soap making areas in the world. Our soaps are triple milled and made from all natural enriching oils - no petroleum products are used (and no animal testing). They help replace the oils in the skin lost due to aging and exposure to the elements and they are equally tender for the youngest, most sensitive skin. We have scented soaps that will add aroma to the room in which they are being used or stored and we have unscented soaps for very sensitive skin and for infants. Our soaps are economical because they are hard milled - this process creates a dense soap by pressing out the air, making the soap very long lasting.
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Price: 7.5
Price: 8.93
On Sale: 7.75
Price: 11.25
On Sale: 10.0
Price: 9.35
On Sale: 8.0
Traditional French Marselle Cube Soap from Provence
Price: 14.35
On Sale: 12.0
Traditional French Marselle Soap from Provence
Price: 8.1
French Soap - Milk and Honey Scent
Price: 3.75
On Sale: 1.87
Green Tea Soap Made in France
Price: 3.15
On Sale: 1.58
Price: 3.87
French Honey Lavender bath soap
Price: 5.95
On Sale: 2.97
Bath Soap - Shea Butter - 150g
Price: 4.0
Price: 7.4
Price: 25.66
Price: 3.4
On Sale: 2.4
Price: 3.38
Price: 3.45
Price: 1.22
On Sale: 0.61
Cannella Orange and Pamplemousse Soap - 80g
Price: 2.05
On Sale: 1.02
Heart Shaped French Gift Soap - Rose - 11grams
Price: 0.72
On Sale: 0.36
Price: 1.25
On Sale: 0.62