Paris Souvenirs and Gift Items

Paris - City of Lights, City of Love
Paris is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most exciting and romantic cities. From the narrow streets and smoky cafes of the Left Bank to the treasures of the Louvre to the splendor of the Eiffel Tower and omnipotent Notre Dame, Paris is a seductive city that beckons to lovers of art, culture, cuisine, history and more. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Sartre, Camus and Hugo have all tried to describe Paris.
But, perhaps Rick, said it best. "We’ll always have Paris."

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French Monument Shaped Sugar Cubes
Price: 15.1
Vintage French Advertising Place Mat - Moulin Rouge
Price: 4.0
Price: 35.0
Paris Laser Card with Envelope
Price: 5.0
Belgian Cushion Cover - Marquises & Dog by de Villeneuve
Price: 35.5
Price: 16.0
Price: 12.5
French Post Cards Place Mat
Price: 4.0
Toothpick Holder - Eiffel Tower Bistro in France
Price: 15.0
Vintate Advertising Drink Coasters from France
Price: 10.5
Price: 10.5
Chocolat Drink Coasters from France
Price: 10.5
Price: 34.0
Price: 4.5
Paris Eiffel Tower Ornament - Glass
Price: 5.5
On Sale: 4.5
Pedestal Picture Frame - Wire Frame - Vertical
Price: 13.55
Pedestal Picture Frame - Wire Frame - Horizontal
Price: 13.55
French Vintage Product Labels Sticker Set
Price: 5.95
Paris Landmark - Arc de Triomphe Paper Model to Build Yourself
Price: 15.0
Price: 9.25