Russia - Taking the long way home


With the dissolution of the Soviet Union , Russia is celebrating the wealth of its past: a vast array of exciting and ancient cultures, from the glittering imperial Russia of St. Petersburg to the timeless village life of Siberia and Irkutsk.

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Russian Doll Ornaments Porcelain
Price: 20.58
Plush Doll of Czar Nicholas II
Price: 11.5
Russian Wooden Ornaments
Price: 11.5
Russian Decorative Comb
Price: 18.5
Fragrant Soap Bars from Russia
Price: 3.5
On Sale: 1.75
Carved Russian Netske Doll
Price: 12.5
Russian Hair Clips Carved Birch Bark
Price: 15.0
Price: 15.0
Russian Birch Bark Boxes Round
Price: 21.1
Birch Bark Boxes Round
Price: 15.5
Price: 18.75
Russian Doll Porcelain Face and Hands
Price: 38.61
Russian Doll Ornament
Price: 20.58
Price: 0.5